March 26, 2015


Travel Tips: Keeping Credit Care and Passport Information Safe!

One of the biggest tips I can offer an individual or their family is to keep all credit card and passport information safe! Today all new credit cards and passports have small computer chips called radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. This chips are digitally coded with private and important personal information such as:name, address, credit card number and most importantly social security numbers. Particularly your passport has even more important.

That said, my wallets, passport cases and travel documents holders are lined with stainless steel to block any scanning from a distance. I call them RFID Wallets. This cyber crime is happen quite often in public spaces, shopping malls, restaurants and most importantly airports! People must travel though airports with their passports so this is slowly becoming a big issue. Once your passport information is stolen it is quite easy for them to steal you or your children's identity.

In additional all of our products are 100% vegan and showcase the PETA seal of approval, no animals are ever harmed. We also offer environmentally friendly products as the raising of animals for their skins can be very harmful to the planet and the dyeing of leather extremely polluting too.

Please visit my website at: and click on the black & white photo labelled security for more information about RFID blocking wallets and passport cases. On the site you can also find information about the brand, the history, other products many important details. Any additional questions please give us a call at the number listed below.

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