Adopt A Pet Promo

Every year millions of unwanted animals end up in shelters and unfortunately many will have to be put to sleep. As a vegan & peta approved company we would like to do our part to help find homes for our sheltered animals.

That said, when you purchase $150 or more from our website will give you back 15% of your purchase. This money will  be used towards your expenses when adopting a pet from a local shelter.

Here's how to quality:

Please email the following as an attachment.

1. A photo of your new pet.

2. A copy of the actual receipt from the shelter where the animal was adopted. The receipt must contain the name/address of the shelter, date of the adoption, your name/address and the amount paid.

3. The name of your new pet. 

Please allow 10 days for processing. The adoption must have occured before January 15, 2016 and all documentation must be submitted no later then January 31, 2016. Once we have verified the documentation a check will sent directly to your home.

Any questions please email: We hope many animals find  wonderful caring home this holiday season.

Best Regards,

Luca Chiara Accessories