Italian-Inspired and Quality Designed for 21st Century Lifestyles

New York, NY (January 2015) - Luca Chiara offers Italian-inspired style with contemporary American design and technology. The New York City based company crafts superior wallets, card cases, travel items, mobile device sleeves, bags and shoes.  

Fashion and modern-day function are integrated seamlessly across the Luca Chiara collection. The product line features proven durable materials such as: water-resistance nylon, cotton canvas, water-repellent rip stop and soft-grain vegan leather. The colors range from the traditional black and brown to shades of blue, red, lime, yellow and pink. There are exciting textures and patterns that incorporated metallic, wood-grain, herringbone, crocodile, snake skin and camouflage.  

Luca Chiara accessories offer radio frequency identification (RFID) protection to block unauthorized credit card copying, computer-chip access and other cyber banking crimes, which may unknowingly occur from a distance. These products remain soft, flexible and thin despite being literally lined with steel. As an environmentally conscious company, Luca Chiara celebrates the use of fine vegan leather, given that animal-sourced leather often requires a tremendous amount of dyes, chemicals and tints. These treatments are extremely harsh on the planet, not to mention how the animal is treated while being raised. Luca Chiara’s combination of quality design, use of humane man-made and environmentally responsible materials has earned the brand the PETA symbol of approval.  

Innovation and quality are at the core of Luca Chiara’s products. The attractive line of travel bags all feature removable inserts enabling not only a range of color options for versatility but also the unique ability to wash them for easy cleaning. The use of non-traditional shoe materials that have been proven in other accessory classifications such as durable, nylon and canvas energize the collection with a superior level of style and comfort. Wallet seams are always stitched, never glued unlike most competitive brands at all levels.

“We craft all of our products with great pride and ingenuity,” says Martin Salerno, one of the founders of Luca Chiara, and a descendent of Luca and Donato Chiara. “Our products are designed to be fashionable and functional for the hectic lifestyle of the 21-century but are based on 19-century quality.”

Salerno's great grandfather and great-great grandfather, Luca and Donato Chiara began their business in 1902 with a small shoe store in Italy. Many years later after immigrating to the United States they continued their craft in New York’s Little Italy. Fast-forward 100 years Martin Salerno, after having worked for over 25 years with several prominent brands including Kenneth Cole, Ben Sherman and Bloomingdale's he masterminded his hands-on industry experience to incorporate some of his great great grandfather’s original designs and honor his family’s ancestry.

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