Security: What is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)?



Many credit cards, ATM/debit cards, driver licenses and passports have RFID digitally code computer chips. These digital coded chips often contain extremely sensitive and private information such as your name, credit card numbers, expiration date, address, bank account information and sometimes your social security numbers.

This information, unbeknownst to you, can easily and quickly stolen from a distance, potentially exposing you to identify theft, unauthorized credit charges and many other types of banking crimes.

While many companies offer RFID blocking products, it is important to be aware that unless the actual chips is covered – front and back – your information is not fully protected. That said, our RFID wallets go above and beyond the standard protection. Luca Chiara uses a double weight, specially developed metal woven stainless steel material. We fuse all of our wallets so that each credit card slot is individually steel lined and protected. Our wallets and cases block “two-way transmission” so you card cannot send or receive an unwanted signal.

Our Italian inspired, American designed wallets and cases despite being literally lined with steel are thin, flexible and soft. Don’t get caught unprotected!